Sunday, April 12, 2009

Two sleeves down.

And a yoke to go.

Bells recently started Tangled Yoke, and as I don't want this to be another time that she completes a sweater I started years ago before I finish mine. I had one sleeve already knit, and just finished the second one moments ago.

They are, however, off on stitch count from what they should be according to the pattern. Not hugely, just a few here and there, so I'm planning on adding in the extra 2-3 stitches per sleeve (one sleeve is short 2, the other 3) when I join the whole mess together.

Just not tonight.

Should I be more concerned about this? I tried the sleeves on, and they fit just fine. But at 6 st/inch, this is not insignificant... Then again, I'm okay with being a sloppy knitter.


Bells said...

nah, don't worry. I am also sloppy when it suits me and I reckon you'll be fine.

Julie might say otherwise.

I haven't touched mine since Friday. Got caught up in baby knitting.

Julie said...

If you really wanna keep up with Bells, you need to knit a steeked jacket. It'd take your mind off other worries.


I'm gonna just sit in the corner and laugh now.