Friday, April 10, 2009

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Last night I finished knitting a Bias Shawl out of Handmaiden Silk Rumple. This was one of my presents to myself for getting a new job. I have to admit that I am not entirely sure about the finished product. The yarn is silk, and feels fantastic. After all, it is silk. But - it's also boucle, and I'm not certain how I feel about that aspect. As usual, I love the colors (peridot mist for my particular skein), and I mostly enjoyed working this up. The pattern is an incredibly simple 2 row repeat, which is frankly about all I'm up for right now. I needed something mindless, or meditative if you prefer. Currently, the wrap is blocking, and I'm holding off a final judgement until it's dry. I will state that my blocking skills are lacking. I can't pin a straight edge, and I'm way too lazy to use string to block things. I'm contemplating asking for blocking wires for my birthday, especially if I keep knitting lace. I have a suspicion that blocking just may require a lot more patience and attention to detail than I have at the moment. Hopefully I'll get some photos of it tomorrow once it's dry, but I also have to go into the lab and work this Saturday. I spent yesterday hiding at home, and am planning to do the same again today. I have a lot of work to do involving organizing spreadsheets, and as I have coffee and relative quiet at home, working here is an appealing option. That being said, I tried it yesterday and spent much more time drinking coffee and knitting than I did working.

My boys come home tomorrow night, which is good. Having the quiet was nice, but I think I much prefer having them with me.

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Cordelia said...

Mmmm... coffee....
Looking forward to a picture of the shawl.
And yay! for fellas coming home.