Sunday, August 3, 2008

It's official.

I'm in a bit of a knitting funk. It's not unusual in August, at least not for me. I frogged the Go With the Flow socks. They were okay, but the pattern wasn't centered and I'm not sure I really like all the holes in the socks. Maybe lace socks aren't me?

I'm thinking I might use the yarn for the Lace Ribbon scarf that was in Knitty. But I don't feel like working on it. And I'm not in the mood to knit Badia right now, because it's humid and the yarn feels sticky. The Twisted Yoke Cardigan is making me feel guilty as I've neglected it so long, and it's absurd that I haven't seamed Cutaway.

I have 2 other socks on the needles, and I don't want to knit those. I frogged a shawl I was loving as I knew I had made an error and I lost my place in the charts. I picked up a lace scarf I was working on, ripped back a mistake, and put it down. I'm going to try casting on a new pair of socks while I do some social knitting this afternoon, but really, I'm afraid I've lost my mojo.

When nothing's really grabbing you, what do you do? Rip out all the stuff that isn't working? Cast on something new? Take a break for another hobby?


Julie said...

Cast on something new. Or buy new yarn (ha) that makes you so excited it forces you to finish what you're working on. Uh. Zen sweaters while reading books?

Barbara said...

Last time this happened I bust out the Noro Silk Garden, cuz that always cheers me. If I have no SG, then another hobby and contemplate the frog party.
It will be cool soon!

Bells said...

What other hobby? Sorry. I don't understand.

I just plough on through the funk, not with projects I am bored with, but with something my heart desires. Of course the funk usually translates into 'this isn't work' so I just keep trying stuff until something fits. Takes about a week!

Alwen said...

Me, I just kind of wander around lost until it grabs me again.

Meanwhile burying my brain in various fiction.

Dormancy, that's what it is. Seeds sitting quietly doing nothing.