Saturday, March 15, 2008

Quiet Saturday

Clearly, I am not the most skilled blogger at photographing my own feet.

I've spent most of the morning updating my Ravelry information, adding photos of old FOs, shots of things in progress, basic tinkering. Doing a little bit of knitting, mostly working on a new sock for the husband. This is the Undulating Rib sock from Favorite Socks. It's pretty dull, but since it's done on big needles (3s and 4s) it will be done quickly. Sometimes I do have an urge to knit up the stash, as well as to crank out a quick knit. His feet aren't hugely large, but I'm used to knitting for my own feet. This is definitely a man sock colorway. It's drab.
He's getting a new pair of socks as I never finished a pair I promised him. They were more mosaic knitting, and ended up looking rotten and I didn't like them enough to frog and re-knit. Plus he just managed to full the other pair I made him. He says they still fit, but we had a brief discussion about how he should not assume the socks I knit are machine washable.

Speaking of socks, I wanted to show these briefly before they're finished:
Dragonfly Yarns, Skinny Sock. I wish I had knit them a little tighter. Tons of yardage, and I'll be knitting a pair of kid socks out of the leftovers, I think.

Interestingly, I've noted that I have a tendency to stall on socks after I turn the heel.

I'm a little tense these days, heading out of town in the next couple weeks to be with family for a major surgery. Lots of knitting, lots of casting stuff on, but not a whole lot of finishing. If you're on Ravelry, you can go check it out, but I'm not going to detail it all right now. You can look at it as being very undisciplined, but really, it's more a matter of me trying to find the right things to give me some comfort.

Speaking of which, I've been on a mystery binge. Dark Tort by Dianne Mott Davidson, Cherry Cheesecake Murder by Joanne Fluke, and Murder Most Frothy by Cleo Coyle. If you're wondering, my murder mysteries sometimes don't involve food, but lately not so often.

Back soonish, and hopefully I'll be slightly more interesting....


Elizabeth said...

I noticed in my "Friends' Activity" that you had many entries.

Hope your family member's surgery goes well.

Bells said...

Take care Terby. Hope to have you back soon with good news.

Love the green socks!