Saturday, January 19, 2008

So maybe I was a little hasty

I miss my blog.

I probably should have just stopped posting for a while, but in a lot of ways it feels better to have a fresh start. Much of the past 2 years have been rough for me, and I've needed some time to regroup. I miss my online friends, and that need is competing strongly with my need for relative privacy.

There are going to be some differences this time around. I'm not joining any webrings. I'm not making any promises about how often I will or will not post. I don't need more responsibilities in my life right now, and if I feel like the blog is becoming an obligation, I probably will stop again. And I may be posting less about knitting, and more about whatever strikes me.

There has been knitting lately, and I have some photos to take sometime this weekend.
But right now, I have coffee to drink and a book to finish.

If you're out there - hi. I've missed you.

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Bells said...

Welcome back Terby! I thought it was sad that you stopped. So yeah, start afresh and see where it leads!