Monday, January 21, 2008

In search of a knitting renaissance.

I think I've gotten stuck in a knitting rut. I knit socks almost exclusively last year, or at least for several months worth. It got a bit dull. I'm midway through 3 socks right now, and I'm not especially excited about any of them. The one that's getting the most attention is a simple striped sock in Trekking, but only because I knit round and round on it while reading or watching TV.
Exciting, isn't it? I feel the same way. Actually, I like the sock, and I'll happily wear a mismatched stripy pair pretty happily, but it's not mind-altering knitting.

Cat Bordhi's new book is pretty cool though, speaking of mind-altering. I'll go back to her patterns, and I even knit one of the sample socks, but I forgot to take a photo. Plus I want to make a second one, as a baby gift for an unknown recipient. I do think the letter stitchmarkers she suggests are a good idea, as she structures her patterns in kind of a bizarre way.

I've moved on to working on sweaters, primarily cardigans. Here's where things get tricky. I know that a plain sweater is something I'm most likely to wear, and will be the most flattering on me. And I love cardigans, especially in this climate. But I have a tendency to stall out.


All I have to do is knit that last button band, with buttonholes, sew up the underarms, and presto change-o, I'll have a finished sweater. It will need blocking, but that's not an issue. Not even an evening worth of knitting (ok, planning the buttonholes might be a bit of an adventure, but even so... And Tangled Yoke, which last looked like this:

Still essentially looks the same, as long as you imagine a longer plain knit section. At some point I need to start the sleeves, but I can't find my dpns right now. Whoops.

I'm thinking a lace project is in order. I have a giant hank of multi-colored Helen's Lace that's been marinating in stash for a while. Juno Regina looks like a nice project to use it on, even though I know it's going to flash and pool, especially in the straight portion. However, I think I can deal with it, as the final product looks like something I might actually consider wearing over a black shirt with jeans.

In other news, I had a horrible day in the lab today. Anything that might conceivably go wrong went wrong, but on the bright side, I didn't tell anyone off. Small victories.

I'm either going to go knit or wind yarn, I haven't decided which. I ordered some lace Addi's recently, and I'm holding off on starting knitting lace until I get them in. After which, I think it's going to be Juno Regia and then Ene's Scarf, maybe Trellis (attempt number 1000) later. Who knows. Tomorrow is another day. One can only hope it's a better one.

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