Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekends are for knitting

Ishbel is blocking.
She is a LOT bigger than I expected.
Blocking is also not my strong point. I periodically consider getting blocking wires, but the truth is that I'm just kind of sloppy about edges. I ran string through the top edge of Ishbel, but it didn't really help me out much.

I also finished a pair of socks for the husband. These are a pair from Favorite Socks.
He's pretty happy with them. I was so close to being done with them when I forgot about them and moved on to something else, I don't remember what...
When I was sorting through my yarn and picking out the losers, I also cleaned up my projects and re-discovered some of the socks I had left to complete. I worked on another super simple pair for him for a while, but it's not my favorite yarn. I also rediscovered my Primavera socks, and managed to turn the heel and make it partway down the foot this evening. I'll probably work on wrapping those socks up this week. I'm really hoping to concentrate on finishing some things off for the next month, although I'm contemplating the next sock to be started.


Bells said...

What's wrong with the top part with the string through it? It looks fine, if by that i mean that it looks the way mine always does (and I presume I do it fine!)

Cordelia said...

Oooo... pretty knitting. I'm so jealous of your completed lace shawl.