Friday, January 16, 2009

Proportion is tricky

Part of the reason (there were many) that I wasn't in a big hurry to put buttons on the big orange sweater is that I know it's an unflattering knit. (Other reasons include that it's much more reasonable to wear it in say, winter in Minnesota, than winter in South Carolina. It's chilly here, but I'm not going to pretend that it's anything near cold.)

First, it's a cropped sweater. In and of itself, that's okay. I'm short-waisted, so this can be a flattering length on me. I'd prefer it to be just a little bit longer, but only about an inch. The real issue is that it is wildly boxy, and drop-shouldered. The sleeves are fairly fitted through the forearm, then become giant by the time they meet the body. The overall effect is not particularly flattering. (The pictures aren't so good either, but the ones my husband took were even worse.)

However, I still love the fabric, and the color of the yarn. Peace Fleece is definitely on the "rustic" end of the spectrum. This is not next-to-the skin soft, although washing did a lot for the yarn. I would not hesitate to get it again. I think I'd prefer a dk weight, for multiple reasons, including that I really don't need something quite so hefty in this environment.

Overall, I consider it a satisfying sweater, but not a rousing success.

Yesterday I tried on a raglan-sleeved silk turtleneck sweater that had been given to me as a gift. It's a particularly gorgeous color, and feels wonderful. However... I look as though I have no neck with the turtleneck collar. The raglan construction makes me look incredibly broad through the shoulders. Couple that with an ample bust and no waist shaping, and the sweater adds on a good 30 pounds. We'll just skip over the bottom ribbing that pulled the sweater in by 2 inches, and had a lovely pooching effect at my hips. The overall effect was not good, and the sweater is going to be given away.

I'm wondering about the sweaters I have put into my queue to knit, and those waiting to be finished. All I am certain of is that bulky knits do few people any favors, and I find myself irritated by the latest issue of Vogue Knitting, that begins with an editorial on about how people are being more economical in their knitting choices, and then follows with an issue almost entirely comprised of chunky, bulky, oversized knits. Made with very pricey yarn. I thought this trend was over?

So I'm about to block some lace, and returning to knitting socks, but I haven't found a match with pattern and yarn yet. Sometime this weekend I'll go through the projects again, and prioritize what I'm going to finish up or frog. I've only got a little time to knit, and my knitting resolution is to work on things that I enjoy.


Elizabeth said...

Hmm. I'm planning to write an article on modifying for the full busted gal. A friend of mine made Pam Allen's Refined Aran Cardigan. She's built a lot like you, only with much bigger boobs. I worked out all the details and she made the sweater. It's perfect, fits her very well, and looks terrific.

I find the Peace Fleece very warm, which is nice in Wisconsin these days, but would be a bit much in a different climate. I love that color on you. Maybe you can revisit it and modify the pattern knowing what you now know.

Bells said...

Hmmm...this is an interesting dilemma. I think boxy can work and I do kinda like this on you! I like your assessment of it, you're right.

Cordelia said...

I kinda agree with Bells, in that I don't think it's a terrible sweater. I mean, yes, it's... casual, I guess, but it looks comfy & not totally schlubby. Like, say, my first sweater attempt. :-)

I'm sorry your gift sweater didn't fit! (That's why I hate shopping myself: all those lovely things that look like crap on me...)