Saturday, September 27, 2008


In my mailbox recently was an ad for this, which is not my normal thing. However, I'm experiencing strong project lust. Colorwork has never been my thing, but I like this a lot.

Julie, Elizabeth? Comments?


Julie said...

The project itself is awesome. Go for it.

The yarn kind of sucks. It's what I'm using for this shawl and I'm kicking myself because, bluntly, it's shit. Use Elann sock yarn or sport weight, or Brown Sheep.

Elizabeth said...

I bought some of the Palette a while back, but haven't really put anything to the wear test yet.

I'd say, if you haven't done stranded colorwork, do a project in a fatter yarn first and see if you like it. By fatter, I mean maybe a sport or DK weight. Or a nice worsted weight hat.