Thursday, September 4, 2008

This is not my originally scheduled update

Imagine some knitting photos here - they are supposed to be, but I'm taking an unscheduled trip out of town today. Knowing that I need to drive south, I've been obsessively tracking Hanna - luckily the winds are in my favor, and it's a non-issue today. Also because I have no idea when or if school will be canceled. Despite beautiful weather, after-school care was canceled yesterday, as the elementary schools around here are emergency staging areas. I'm not feeling terribly concerned about this, since it's sounding mostly as though we'll get a lot of rain. I do have minor worries about my roof, which is old, and needs replacing, but there's little I can do about that. I tend to worry about it most of the time.

Woke up unfortunately early this morning, which is due to a combination of falling asleep early (for me, it was about 10pm) and waking up at 3, realizing all the things I need to do this morning before I hit the road. Insomnia isn't fun, but it does let me catch up on blogging. It is weird to wake up this alert this early. Yeah, I'm a little anxious.

I'm packing knitting to take with me, even though the last time I did a trip like this I didn't knit much at all. I've been making a Pinwheel Blanket for the wee beastie. Imagine a big, bright red blob here. I've been working on this one for about a week now. I didn't document it on Ravelry. For the record, I'm using Cotton Fleece in Barn Red, and one skein of charcoal, once I get there. I had purchased 3 skeins of the stuff to make Sherwood for said beast, but I had a realization that a) he grows quickly, b) it's not machine washable c) I'm slow to finish things d) I live in the south and d) did I mention it's not machine washable? So it's going to be a blanket for snuggling under. I ordered the other 2 skeins from Webs when I realized I wanted this to be bigger, and figured stripes would take care of any lot number differences. At last check, I roughly estimated it was about 24 inches in diameter with 2 1/4 skeins left to go. I do like the yarn - yardage is good, it's a reasonable price, and it's pleasant to work with. I don't know how much additional warmth the 20% wool adds to the fabric, or how much this will ultimately grow, but I would use it again if I were looking for cotton in this weight. It's not a really portable project right now, so I think I'll be throwing a sock into a bag to take with me, even if I'm still not that excited about knitting them right now. They are mindless, and I don't think I can concentrate really well right now.

Time for more coffee, packing, and soon getting the little one ready for the school bus. I can be contacted in the usual ways, even if I'm a little out of touch right now...

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