Monday, May 12, 2008

Quick notes

Time for a random post.
  • Love this.
  • I took the weekend off. Somehow that means that it's now Wednesday and my house is a total disaster. I don't think anyone did laundry, there's clutter everywhere, and every surface really needs a good cleaning.
  • Despite knitting a lot, I still haven't finished anything. Was working on Sheldon, cruising along, but am having problems attaching the bottom part of the shell to the top. Frankly, I'm feeling pretty dim right now, but I don't see how to make this work. The two pieces are very different sizes, and my turtle is looking pretty crappy right now. I will probably just wing something tonight and call it done. Cute pattern, quick knit, but the finishing is tricky. Crochet and I are not good friends, and these little pieces are fiddly. Toy making is not something I'm going to do a lot more of.
  • I have 1.5 inches left to knit before the Phiaro Scarf is ready for finishing. This last 1.5 inches is taking a very long time, and I don't seem to be making any discernible progress regardless of how many times I measure. I am very tired of working on this thing, but I suspect the final product is something I really will like and use.
  • I continue to have 3 socks on the needles. I put one pair down to work on Sheldon (it's a birthday present). By the end of next week, I hope to have that down to 1 pair. I'd like to finish something sometime.
  • I still like knitting lace. I still can't concentrate on knitting lace.
  • If I don't get off the couch right now, I am in great danger of not making it in to work today. This sounds incredibly appealing, but there are things I really have to get done. I still need a vacation.


Allison said...

The great thing about having all those projects on the needles right now is that in a little while you'll have an absolute storm of FOs. Happy knitting :)

Bells said...

Oh I love sheldon! Hurry up and finish him so we can see him!

Finish anything!

Suzie said...

You're a brave woman to put your WIP list up. I don't think I can do it. It embarassing how many things I'm working on at once! But I can't wait to see what you finish first....

Acornbud said...

That's quite a doodle!
It's funny how time off doesn't result in a clean house. I swear it's a plot.