Friday, February 8, 2008

More knitting

I realized that I didn't actually publish the last post I wrote, so this one is a double-header.

Most of my attention has been taken up by Juno Regina.
juno 2.JPG

Juno 1.JPG

I've finished the fun lace part for a while, now I'm on a two row repeat for another 40 inches or so. I continue to be frustrated by the multi-colored yarn. I have a lot of it, yet I find I don't love it. This skein would be great if it wasn't for the blue. I think the reds and the purples are lovely, but the blue just seems too far off. I'm going to finish the knitting and assess what it looks like, then see if there's anything I can overdye with to dampen down that blue a bit. The yarn is Helen's Lace - purchased as a present for me. It's great to work with. The combination of wool and silk makes it crisp, soft, and shiny. I really like it, but I'm thinking that the lace is getting eaten by the color. I won't really be able to tell until the end, and I might like it better by then.

In other news, there's a lot of not so great stuff going on in my life, but I don't really want to talk about it. I might not be doing much more than putting pictures up for a while, with little explanation. On the up side, there will probably be lots of knitting to look at.

Hit a milestone recently - I ran 25 minutes straight. And then my next run I could only go for 20 minutes, and felt bad about it. Then I realized that I could run 20 minutes straight, and that's a big accomplishment for me.

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Bells said...

I tend to agree that lace gets eaten up by multi colours but this one isn't too bad. I say perservere. I saw some lace socks last week knit in a similar colour combination but one that was SO much more stark and it hurt my eyes. Yours doesn't!

Sorry things are rough. When I had a personally very rough patch about 18 months ago, I found it helpful just acknowledging as much on the blog some days. It seemed somehow cathartic to say 'things are really crap right now' without giving any details away.

And good work with the running!