Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday 10

Today's prompt: 10 Things on my To Do List

1. Pay taxes. Yup, haven't started that yet. Still have to contact the old school to get paperwork I need to fill out the forms, too.
2. Rake the yard. Spring leaf-fall is in progress, and the live oaks are dropping leaves like nobody's business.
3. Get back to regular running. I miss it and I need it.
4. Sort the paperwork in the kitchen.
5. Clean the garage.
6. Finish up some unfinished knits.
7. Figure out when I'm going apartment hunting.
8. Notify my boss of my plans.
9. Run western blots.
10. Cut sections.

Exciting, no?


Julie said...

I'll do the Western Blots if you babysit.

Cordelia said...

I haven't done taxes either, if it's any comfort. I can't believe it's April!