Saturday, March 21, 2009

Good things

It is an absolutely gorgeous Saturday. The second day of spring, according to my son, who seems to know these things.

This has been an interesting week, very much of an emotional rollercoaster for me. Wednesday marked 6 months after my father's death, which was a rough day for me. I had an experiment inexplicably failing in the lab, which was really upsetting me - I can deal with things not working, but it's so frustrating when it's not consistent, and there's no good reason for it not working. I got some positive reinforcement in other ways, which was nice, and most importantly, on Friday, I got word that I got the job. I'm currently in DEEP denial as to what this means on some levels, but right now I'm basking in it.

Because my friends are enablers all, I did start the hat that was calling my name. I'm not certain I have nearly enough yarn to finish it, but I'm not so concerned about that. The whole point of this one really seems to be to try it. I've never done stranded knitting before, and I'm certainly not doing it very well. I grabbed 2 leftover balls of yarn - some Shibui Knits in mulberry, and leftover Dream In Color Smooshy in Happy Forest. The pattern calls for Koigu, and these yarns share a very similar base. My stranding is uneven, and I have a strong tendency to drop the yarn from my left hand, but it's fun knitting. I ordered a smaller size 2 needle, a shorter one, as I do seem to keep knitting hats, and that 16" length is easier to work with than a 24". Trying to do this on 2 circular needles was an exercise in frustration. I can do it, but I wasn't happy. That mention of ordering a needles? Er, it's probably not coming to my house without friends. I decided I needed a celebratory present, or a consolation present, earlier yesterday. I settled on some ridiculous yarn, something extravagant, but I'll share that later.


Time to grab a quick brunch and head in to work. Going to take some of that simple knitting with me, try to read and knit during the long incubations.


Elizabeth said...

A new job definitely merits new yarn. (But you did say we're all enablers, right?)

Sorry it was a tough day, but things are going to look up.

Bells said...

i am jealous that you have a job where you can knit in periods of waiting. Sometimes I wish I could read reports while knitting something plain at my desk but I suspect it would not be looked on very highly.

Gorgeous hat too. I reckon it looks tops!

Cordelia said...

"and most importantly, on Friday, I got word that I got the job"