Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

Today's theme:

10 Favorite Ethnic Foods:
1. Pho Tai. (Anyone surprised? Didn't think so.)
2. Sushi - I particularly like yellowtail and tuna, but as long as it's fresh, I'm usually pleased.
3. Sashimi (yes, cheating.)
4. Miso soup.
5. Bagels and lox. The good stuff, not the little chopped up bits mixed with cream cheese. Does this count as ethnic anymore?
6. Pickled herring, in wine sauce.
7. Dal
8. Hummus
9. Thai brown curry with tofu, peanuts, and potatoes
10. Ramen

I'm back from my trip. It's still very much winter if you drive a bit north of here. I remembered to bring a scarf and a hat, but I forgot gloves. Now off to put some lotion on my chapped skin and get some desperately needed sleep.

1 comment:

Bells said...

we so need to go out for dinner together some time.

I had never heard of lox til I was in the states. I became quite addicted!